Thursday, March 14, 2013

Making Deodorant

That's right...I'm making my own deodorant!  For a few years I've been using natural deodorants, but they don't work for long on me.  This last kind I bought has worked out a bit better but I always keep my eyes peeled for a new non-toxic deodorant I can try.  When I saw this homemade deodorant recipe on a blog I got really excited because she seems to have the same problem as me, and says this one works!

So I am embarking on making this SUPER EASY deodorant that I got from Katie Riddle's blog at 3-Minute Homemade Deodorant Recipe.

It only takes 4 ingredients and I am really keen to see if it works for my difficult underarms :)  I'll keep you posted!


Okay, so I have made it.  Just waiting for it to solidify.  I'll start using it once it does and check back in.

it melted funny, so I was nervous if I did it right...I just kept going with the recipe.
Here it is!  Warm and melted and mixed up real good.


It's been 4 days and I am SUPER impressed this stuff is working great!  It even stood like a rock against the "leading-worship-test." aka--nervous sweat!  I'll let you know how it works after a few more weeks but so far so good!  Totally recommend!


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August 2013 (that's right, I didn't need to make more for 5 MONTHS!)
For my second round of deodorant-making, I used what Katie Riddle suggested, an old, cleaned out deodorant container.  The kind that I think works best is from a hard deodorant stick because it has the twisty wheel at the bottom to push up the deodorant stick. Here is what is looks like-

Home made deodorant in an old deodorant container

It was quite messy when I was putting the deodorant mixture into this container.  Once it was in, or at least most of it, I put the container in the fridge because we don't run our air conditioning constantly at our house.  The fridge helps it apply a little easier.  Whenever you need to raise the level on the top, just leave it out of the fridge over night and push it up in the morning, then apply, and put back in the fridge.


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    1. I just tried it for the first time today...and I think it's working thus far! :-) I'll see how it holds up to the gym, hehehe.