Thursday, March 28, 2013


I love Easter.  Growing up, I always got a new dress to wear and it was always (mostly) sunny!  As I've become older, Easter's meaning of course has deepened in my heart.  I still would love to get a new Easter dress, but my thoughts usually get caught up in the last week of Jesus' life.

In college, I had the privilege of studying the Bible.  And in one course particularly, I learned more about the timeline of Christ's last week.  Since then, I have been more intentional about spending more time thinking about it the week leading up to Easter; Holy Week.  I don't want to take His sacrifice for us for granted...and I don't want to forget how He suffered for our freedom from sin.

This year, I'm struck with the thought that Jesus was human, like us.  He had friends and family, like us.  What was His time like, day-to-day, leading up to the Cross?  What were conversations He had with His mother and disciples?  How did He remain present when He knew what was coming?

These are just some things I ask when I picture Jesus' last week before His death.  I challenge myself to make this Holy Week more personal.  To even day-dream about what could have happened in Jesus' life in this last week before His death.  This is how I want to spend my Easter...remembering His death, and celebrating His victory!

MorningStar WW3- He's Alive- Suzy Yaraei


  1. love this Hannah! posted something similar on FB actually (taken from someone else though). Love you, wishing you a truly blessed easter xx