Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Numbers 16-18

"You take care of My business and I'll take care of yours."

When I was moving to college I remember my Mom telling me a story, however it didn't make its divine impact on me until the summer I graduated from college. I was half-jobless working as a temp for a nanny agency. I never quite knew when I'd be working until the day before...most often, 10pm the night before. As you can imagine, it was frustrating and nerve racking. 

In the midst of this learning experience, my Mom reminded me something she had told me years ago; something that God has promised her when we moved to Africa nearly 25 years ago. She was 29 years old and moving across the ocean to a land where she and my Dad thought they'd live and die. With them came two small kiddos. As I'm nearing her age, I can't image how that would have felt, especially knowing that her own family didn't quite "get it". She told me that on her way to this new land, God made a promise to her: "You take care of My business and I will take care of yours." 

I think of this when we're reading our chapters this week. Yahweh tells the Levites that everything He has, is there's. He says, "You will have no inheritance in their land, nor will you have any share among them; I am your share and your inheritance among the Israelites." He was theirs...His fullness was theirs.

That is what strikes me most while reading. My parents have never been in need, and I know it's because they have taken care of His business. Like the Levites taking care of the temple, what is it that God has asked you to take care of? Trust that when you do, He'll be taking care of your business. Whether that's your friends or toys or parents or anything...He'll take care of it. He is your reward. He is your goal. He is your inheritance.


  1. Hannah my dear, having just lost my job (and us moving house this week) you have no idea just how timely this reminder is... thank you for this great encouragement xx

  2. thank you for this blessing, dear girl. it was a message from Him to me, long overdue (not His deliverance of the promise, but my receiving it).
    today, as I humbly, gratefully, and joyfully take care of His business, I will do so with more faithful confidence and less fearful anxiety.
    putting the tree up at billys was sad without you.