Monday, March 11, 2013

1 Kings 14-16

The Thought for this week is pretty short and sweet.  It is actually something that I've had to remember a lot in the past 6 months.  This week's reading reiterated the point that you can be any age to choose to serve the Lord or to turn away from Him. Faith isn't contingent on your physical age. You can start waking in His ways at 40, or decide to turn away. The same holds true if you're 10.

Guard your heart. None of us are beyond matter what our age.  Reading about all these kings that could have followed God and kept His laws, it reminds me over and over again that we must always keep humbling ourselves before God and surrendering to His will daily. I'm sure many of us have seen what can happen if we don't do these things...regardless of our age. 

Coming up to Easter helps us remember surrendering and humbling!  Matthew 26:36-46 is the story about Jesus surrendering himself to the Father...3 times.  Even in the midst of his darkest moment and most lonely one, Jesus asked to for a way out, but if there wasn't one..."Not my will but your will," was his prayer.  Let us remember to surrender our will to the Father, daily, and humble ourselves before Him constantly.

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