Wednesday, March 13, 2013

1 Kings 17-19

This portion of scripture was one of the first I read in my children's bible story book all those years ago. I just remember the picture in the book of the fire raining down from heaven as Elijah prays over the alter. I was always amazed at the many miracles God performed through Elijah in these three chapters from raising the widow's son from the dead to creating rain after years of drought. Instead of focusing on the works God did I want to focus on Elijah and the confidence he displayed in this passage.

Elijah was the last of the Lord's prophets left (18:22) and he came up against a nation who were following false Gods and had 950 prophets. Elijah was alone, that last voice who was standing for the truth. What struck me about Elijah throughout this passage was his complete confidence in what he was doing. He spoke and acted with authority without complaint and without fear. Looking at the situation it seemed desperate but Elijah know something bigger was going on behind the scenes. Elijah had a promise. The Lord had spoken to Elijah about exactly what was going to happen. Elijah was not alone by any means because God was leading and directing him every step of the way. (18:36)

At times in our lives we are the last ones standing. We are that last voice willing to stand for the truth. Should we fear? Should we feel alone? I don't think we should but instead we should have hope and confidence in the Lord. The Lord has given each one of us a promise. The promise of salvation and everlasting life. God has also given each one of us promises specific to our own lives. Hold on to those promises and have confidence in what the Lord has spoken to you.

Written by Philip Day

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