Thursday, November 1, 2012

Numbers 1-4

While reading the assignment this week one thing that struck me is how intentional God is. I love having friends but more than that I love having friends who are intentional. Friends who care about me. Friends who call me or ask me how I'm doing. In the first four chapters of Numbers I believe we see how intentional God is. Everything that God was telling Moses was for a purpose. Each person in the tribe of Levi was created for a purpose and given a task to complete during the time in the desert. Every person had a role to play, it might not have been the most exciting and glamorous thing but each person was appointed to that role.

God is an intentional God. He has put each one of us in different situations and in very different places. The Israelites found themselves in the desert but within that place God gave each one of them a task and each one of them a purpose. My challenge for all of us is to ask God what our purpose is in the situations we find ourselves in. We are spread out all over the globe and in many different situations. Some might be a lot easier than others but each one of us has a role to play. Let's be intentional. Don't let situations just pass you by but see them as an opportunity to grab a hold of and to make a difference.

By Philip Day

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