Saturday, November 10, 2012

Speaking of Joy...

...This is an email from my Aunt Joy.  My Uncle Bill had a stroke last Saturday.  God is really intervening on his behalf.

Tomorrow will be 1 week since Bill had a serious stroke in his brain stem which should have killed him or rendered him paralyzed.  However it was not time for my Bill to leave and tomorrow I get to be by his side at the hospital and we can talk together about God's great mercy and grace and love toward us.  We can marvel at the miracles we have seen and continue to affirm our trust in Jesus for each day ahead.  We are overcome with thankfulness and for all your caring prayers.

He may be discharged in the next 2 or 3 days, then will do out-patient rehab at a vision center.  Dr. Hart, the neurologist was with him a week ago in the ER and acknowledged today that the miraculous is part of Bill's recovery; not making light of his diminished vision, he is "lucky" to have only that problem.

Tori returned to MN this morning and it was hard for her to leave her dad but we are so blessed that she could come home during this traumatic time.

We have lots of adjustments to make coming up.  Bill's type of vision loss is not in his eyes--they were not damaged--but in the injury to the optical area of the brain during the stroke.  So we stand on God's promises and press in to Him, our Healer.

This evening with just Bill, Ann and I in the room, we were enjoying God's peace and presence and our friendship together.  We had so many things to laugh about.  Bill's nurse came to the door and told us she had never heard such merriment come out of these rooms before.  It delighted her and others as well.  This is something only God can do...give His joy in the midst of trials.

"In His presence is FULLNESS of JOY" (Psalm 16:11)

He'll always be the center of our attention! :-)

That's my Uncle Bill!

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