Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Numbers 21-24

Chapter 22--Balaam's Donkey

This is, without a doubt, one of my all-time favourite stories in the Bible! Ever since I was a kid, this has been the bees-knees for me! (Listen to Dan & Louie's version...good 'ol Tommy the Turtle!) :-)

This story has really impacted my life through the years and I just want to share a little about that this week. I had grown up listening to Dan & Louie telling the story about Balaam's donkey but beside the AWESOME fact that a donkey spoke, I never really thought about it much. I don't remember much of the event, but when I was 13 I think, God really spoke to me through this story. And what He said was so simple and has echoed in my heart ever since.

"If I can use a donkey to speak my words, I can absolutely use you."

Wow. I'm 25 now and still need to be reminded of that simple truth! That is what I want to have you think about this week. If God can use a donkey, He can for sure use you! He can use you anywhere and to do anything! Let that be an encouragement when you start thinking about all the other people you think are more qualified and way cooler than you. If God can use a donkey, He can use. And the best part is...He WANTS to use you. And He DELIGHTS in using you.

You're worth it. Be encouraged.

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