Thursday, November 8, 2012

Numbers 5-7

I'm realizing I have never explained where these devotionals are from.  Phil (my husband) and I are group leaders of an online Bible reading program called iDiscipleship.  We're in charge of the ISMK section...International Society of Missionary Kids--a bunch of awesome MKs (Missionary Kids).  Of which, I am one.  Every week we put together what's called A Thought of the Day(s) for that weeks Bible reading.  I thought it would be cool to post them on here so then I had them saved somewhere.  So if anyone reads this, I hope you're encouraged.  There will be one every week.  Feel free to read along.  We're doing Numbers 5-7 this week, and Numbers 8-12 next week.  It's roughly 4 chapters a week.


To be honest with you, I tried to do a Thought yesterday, however I became a bit prideful and in turn developed a blank mind in the middle of what I was trying to write.  I didn't want to share that with you, but I really felt like God wanted me to.  So, there you go.  You're not the only one that struggles with pride.

After I repented, God released another direction for my Thought this week.  I had originally thought to talk about Moses as a leader...but I know I am to talk about how God has a specific way of doing things. 

In our reading we cannot help but notice how intentional (as Phil said last week) and specific God is in his directions to Moses and the Israelites.  He's almost too specific for my liking and it's hard to even care about most of what's in our reading because it just turned into lists that are ALL THE SAME!!!  (don't feel bad, you again, are not the only one to feel this way)  Because of how specific God is, makes me think of Moses and what kind of man he would have needed to be for God to want to use him in this crazy task of creating a nation.  He had to be willing to follow EXACTLY what God was saying instead of improvising or doing what he "felt" best.

I think sometimes we don't realize that God is only willing to do things one way.  It's easy in our society (any society) to get caught up with the different ways people can obey God, after all, Jesus is the goal, right?!...but while reading all these commands here in Numbers, it shows me that there was not more than one way God was asking the Israelites to take care of the Tent of Meeting.  There was 1 way He wanted them to do things.  There were specific tasks He had for every single person.  Often I think that when God gives me a goal, or even my calling, I can then go fulfill that goal or calling or gift (the list continues) however I "feel" He may be leading me...but I wonder if I took time to specifically ask Him, if He'd have a specific way for me to do it.

So that's my Thought for you this week.  Ask God to specifically show you what He wants you to do, whether in school or with friends or work, and how He wants you to do it.  I know there may be a bunch of really great ways to fulfill what it is that God has put on your heart, but I can't help but think that He has one, specific, way for you to go about doing it.  Does that make sense?  I hope so.  This is what God's doing in my life, and even though I'm not old I have learned that I'm usually not the only one facing the things I'm facing.  Again, be're not alone!  Whether it's killing your pride, or following God's 1 way, you're not alone.

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