Sunday, January 13, 2013


As we have just finished the Book of Numbers I wanted to quickly post and share some thoughts about what I got out of the book of Numbers. For some of us this book might have been a real struggle to get through. On the surface Numbers is not a flashy book or one some of us might automatically go to but none the less Numbers is a powerful book and is full of lessons that we can learn.

The biggest thing I got out of the book is that God is intentional. Everything he does is for a purpose and oftentimes he wants it done his way. Throughout the book we see God giving specific instructions in relation to sacrifices and protocol but also about what he wants the Israelites to do.

Secondly, God disciplines the ones he loves. We are given prime examples of this in Numbers. God disciplined the entire Nation in chapter 13 & 14 when the scouts bring a negative report about the promised land. He also disciplines Moses when he strikes the rock in chapter 20. Moses loses his opportunity to enter the promised land.

Related to this point about discipline is the fact that God is always preparing us. God uses discipline to prepare us for his plans and purposes. The people of Israel weren't ready to enter the promised land when the scouts returned with a negative report but after 40 years in the desert the people were ready. Sometimes God brings us through difficult times to refine and teach us. I want to be fully ready and prepared when I'm doing what the Lord has called me to do

Finally what I learned is that God can use anything for his good. We see an example of this in Chapter 22 with Balaam's donkey. Also if I'm honest I wasn't excited about reading Numbers but the Lord spoke to me through this book far more than I thought he would. The difference for me was that I asked God to speak to me and allowed him the room to speak to me. Although I didn't think I would get much out of reading Numbers he Lord used the Book of Numbers to teach me new things and remind me of things I've already learned.

As we continue through this journey on idiscipleship we are going to come across books in the bible that are easy to read and also books that are really challenging. I encourage each one of you to be intentional about your reading and as we begin each book to ask the Lord to speak to you through what is written. As always your leaders, Hannah & I, Chad and Joey are all here to help you through that journey.

Happy Reading!

Written by: Philip Day

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