Wednesday, January 30, 2013

1 Kings 1-3--We can't stay the same!

When I was reading our iDiscipleship assignment this week, chapter 3 stood out to me. I noticed that before God (which I'll start referring to by His name, Yahweh) met with Solomon, he was going to the high places to make his sacrifice. After Yahweh met him, Solomon went to the temple to sacrifice.

I find two things interesting here:

1. Yahweh met with Solomon while he was literally doing something not pleasing to Him----sacrificing in the high places! This is really worth thinking about because back then, sacrificing to Yahweh was to be done at the temple, no where else. High places were where pagans and Israel's enemies sacrificed.

2. After Yahweh met with Solomon (in his dream), Solomon went straight to the place he was supposed to be sacrificing---in the temple! To see the drastic turn around in Solomon after God met with him is really cool to me. Here's why...God never said, "Stop sinning!" No, I would be willing to say that because of Solomon's encounter with Yahweh, he naturally wanted to follow all His ways. That confirms to me again that once we encounter Yahweh, the Creator of the universe, we cannot help but be transformed and changed. We can't stay the same.

Another cool thing about this whole thing is, it doesn't seem that Solomon was looking for a meeting with Yahweh. I think that God met with Solomon because of His commitment to David, Solomon's father.

This hits home for me because this week God has actually been reminding me of His commitment to my father, Larry Dwayne Dimond.  I have no doubt that there are blessings in my life because of my Dad's faithfulness to Yahweh.  That's the kind of parent I want to be! 

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