Thursday, January 24, 2013

New things

I've realized that my blog is pretty boring.  I mean I think it's awesome, but it doesn't really have alot of umf!  So...I've decided that I'm going to change it up a bit.  I'll still be posting the Thought of the Day(s) on here for our iD Bible reading, but I will also be putting other cool stuff that I learn or think is cool.

One of those cool things I've discovered is a blog by a lady named Katie Riddle.  It's pretty much the coolest blog ever.  If you want to find awesome recipes, home ideas, gardening tips, or just learn about some great life lessons, check out Riddle Love.

As I've been thinking about what I want this blog to be like, I think I want to talk about the things I love ...because other than my favourite interest, Jesus, and music, I don't usually share much else on here.

Everyone has a voice.  Even me!  And even though this won't be the only place I share my voice, I think it's a good place to start.  That means I'll be sharing random stuff, but also some life changing stuff.  Since my Dad died, almost a year and half ago, I haven't really felt I've had a voice.  That can be a really lonely place. 

I am looking forward to sharing some of my life on here, so thanks for joining me!  I'm looking forward to seeing where this all goes :-)

...It's a new day to live in hope.

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