Wednesday, February 20, 2013

1 Kings 9-11

For me, this weeks reading tags along from last week's reading. We serve such a merciful God...who gives warnings and a heads up to His kids! That's what was crazy to me about this week's reading. I never had noticed that before, but the beginning of Chapter 9, God affirms Solomon and reminds him that if he follows all of God's law, like his father David did, his family would rule Israel forever. It almost seems repetitive of God to do this...but low and behold...just a few verses on we read how Solomon's heart turned away from God. Granted, we don't have an actual timeline, but this wasn't the first time God cautioned Solomon about what not to do.

We read on and see how much wealth Solomon had and how talk of his wisdom reached all over the world! It is in these chapters that that I see God's extreme mercy and grace. And He shows us all this mercy and grace, not just Solomon.

Yahweh did not take away Solomon's wisdom...his gifting...even though Solomon turned away from Him.

This reminds me of the scripture that talks about God's gifts and calls are irrevocable (Romans 11:29). God has given us all giftings. We may or may not use them for His Kingdom, but they are still from Him. I'm sure you have all met extremely talented people that don't serve God. This is why. Irrevocable means that nothing can take away the gifts and call that God has given to you. This is yet another thing that reminds me that God's ways are way way higher than our ways.

Lastly, in His great mercy, Yahweh refrained from taking the kingdom away from Solomon until after he died. All because of His commitment to David. I want to have that kind of relationship with Yahweh!!! His relationship and commitment to David was something we can all learn from. David was a man after God's heart...and because of this, God spared a change of history occurring until after his son, Solomon's death.

God has given you gifts and a call. Be like David and use them for His Kingdom. Surround yourself with Godly counsel and friends that you allow to speak truthfully into your life to help you in times that you may be straying. Listen to God's caution. It will save your life!

 If you're interested in learning more about your gifting and call, a book that Philip and I have been reading that goes closely with this week's Thought is The Anointing; Yesterday, Today and Tomorrow by R.T. Kendall.  It has really encouraged us to be diligent to what God has called us to and to keep using our giftings even if people don't "get it" or think us weird and strange.  I hope this book will impact your life and encourage you like it has us.

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