Wednesday, February 6, 2013

1 Kings 4-5

What struck me about this week's reading was I was reminded of how different Solomon was from his father David.  Their strengths were very different but each of them flourished during a different season in the history of Israel.  David was great in a time of conflict and Solomon during a time of peace.

David was a passionate warrior while Solomon was a refined thinker with vast knowledge.  David was revered and a king loved by his people but Solomon was also loved and revered.  What this shows me is that our giftings are all different and for a purpose. 

I'm reminded of the scripture in 1 Corinthians 12:12-31 where Paul talks about he body of Christ and the different parts.  We all aren't called to be preachers or pastors and we all have different personalities and strengths and weaknesses.  We were created unique for unique purposes.

If Solomon was exactly like his Father I don't think he would have been as successful as King.  God gave him his own unique set of skills and talents.  What the Lord gave Solomon was really what Israel needed at that time.

If you ever feel like you're different or that you're not as good at something as those around you, don't see it as a negative thing, but see it as an opportunity because God is going to use you in his own unique way because you are his unique creation.

Written by Philip Day

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