Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Even Now Here's My Heart God.

If you haven't heard of the band United should check them out.  This song has been on my mind all day and I just can't get enough of it.  I've copied the lyrics down at the bottom.  It's a medley of two songs and it's called "Even Now."  The second half of the song is a new rendition of one of their other songs, Lock Step, which I'll paste below too.


Even Now

Lock Step

Even Now
It doesn't always work like I've planned it
I've seen a lot of good things, a lot of things been out of my hands
Even when I don't understand it
We have all got choices to make
And this one is mine

Even now, here's my heart God

Seems like all You do is so hidden
Sometimes I'm led to wonder are You working at all?
But even in the darkness I'm listening
For Your still small voice in the distance I hear You call

Even now here's my heart God
I'm in love

Runnin' out of reasons to doubt You
Can't live another day here without You

Even now here's my heart God
I'm in love

Your love is sweeter than honey
Your love is stronger than death
Your love lifts me off my burdens
And teaches me to dance

Copyright © 2008 United Pursuit Records
Words and music written by Will Reagan

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