Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Happy Birthday Mom!

My Mom just left my house today (March 4th) and before she left, she anointed me with oil.  This is the thought that came to mind---My own Mom sees me as a daughter of the Most High and treats me as such.  What humility it takes to own the fact that you're own kid is not actually yours, but God's first.  She does not take credit for my intimate relationship with Christ...which she has absolutely had an influence over.

Having a parent look at me and treat me as a Child of God, and not just their own child, is something that blesses me the older I get.  Maybe it's because I am feeling less like a kid, or maybe it's because I am feeling more like a kid with age.  Whatever the case may be, that is something I am realizing is rare...when Mom and Dad see you as God's kid and not just their own kid.

I have learned so much from my Mom through my life.  It was from my Mom I learned about how the Bible can be used to be relevant in our everyday lives.  One memory that always comes to mind is when I was in high school in California.  It was the furlough that we stayed for 2 years so that I could finish my last two years and so that my Mom could finish her Masters Degree.  In this time I was having a hard time with some of the students on my bus; they were so different from my friends in Ireland who respected me and my life (being a Christian).  I told my Mom about it all, and the next day she came back with a little piece of paper with scriptures on it...and a note reminding me that being naive towards evil and behaving in a wise manner towards those outside the Christian circle was what we as Believers were called to do.  This lesson I still hold on to and live by even all these years later.

I still have that little piece of paper.  It reminds me that my Mom is one of my biggest fans.  That's the kind of Mom I want to be.  For my kids to always know that I am cheering them on; in good times and hard times.  And as most of you know, we've had both.

Today is my Mom's birthday and I wanted to take this time to honour her.  Something that I have often thought about since my Dad died is how grateful I am that I didn't lose both of my parents that day.  Since Dad died, I have reminded myself to be intentional about being grateful for my Mom as well.  I don't want to lose sight of the fact that I still have her even through the loss experienced of losing my Dad was and is so great.

As I have grown older, my Mom has become one of my best friends.  We went through a few years when I was younger when my Mom was the LAST person I ever wanted to see or talk too.  It all changed, literally in a moment.  And ever since that moment, my heart towards my Mom has been different.  God did a work in my life and I chose to embrace His softening of my heart and allow my Mom to be a part of my life.  It hasn't been easy.  I was the one that changed and took steps towards building our relationship.  Mom was gracious enough to wait for me.  We have had to really fight for our relationship.  After everything we have experienced in these last almost 2 years, I know God was forging our relationship to be able to withstand the pain we've gone through recently. 

I am blessed to have a Mom that wants the best for me...and that she is willing to let me go and grown and have adventures of my own when I'm sure there were times she didn't want to.  She has taught me how to be a beautiful woman.  Not just on the outside, which let's all admit, she's GORGEOUS! :-)  But she has taught me how to embrace Christ's love as a woman of God and to not be ashamed to walk in that beauty.  I am honoured to have a Mom like Ann Dimond.  I know I am blessed and never want to take that for granted.

My prayer is that I love and treat my daughter how my Mom has loved and treated me.

Lastly, I'll leave you with some stunning pictures of some special memories of my Mom and me.

A few of my favourite pics of mostly Mom and me :-)

Dear Mom,

Thanks for being my best friend.  Thank you for being my Mom too.  I know we have been through a lot that has helped mold our relationship and I am just so overwhelmed at times of how you have embraced all that through the years.  Thank you for showing me what a beautiful Daughter of the Most High looks and acts like.  Thank you for being honourable.  Thank you for showing me what an incredible wife looks like and mother.  I know you think you didn't get it "right" all the time...but I had and have the privilege of seeing you as you walk that journey.  Thanks for showing me what a strong and humble woman looks like.  That is very rare to see strength and humility, so thank you for that.  I love you.  I'm excited for the years to come that we get to share together :)

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